New content coming late Tuesday

computer grief; laptop not seeing WordPress, c’mon back Wednesday morning and the 31-in-31 Artown challenge continues, will be 28-in-31 then, didn’t see this coming….

But – I’ll pose an offer for those who have read this far: What do you want to read of here? I posted an old Eugene’s yarn, have a 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics story to run again by request, am working on a Shadow Ranch story (new) – what would you like to read, or re-read?

Also – the book-bug is beckoning again, thinking a Kindle, all-digital collection with no hard-copy volumes, which are a pain in the ass because they result in storage and mailing problems and I’m told are swimming against the tide of modern life. Do you have any interest in a $7.95 digital book?

Comments are welcome – this is a good day as I”m stuck with a balky laptop today (July 16th Tuesday). Stay in touch –