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Thinking about our arts community today. Thinking about how what they create enriches our region in so many ways, including our region’s economic prosperity. We come together in classes, performances, workshops, conversations, shared experiences. Prudence suggests that we distance ourselves from each other for a time. In doing so, our lack of attendance at the many and varied offerings strains their economic stability. Some of our organizations are strong, others very fragile, many  somewhere in between. It’s exactly this kind of emergency that can wound and potentially decimate the vibrant economic engine of our arts environment, which has been one of the more significant agents pulling us out of our 2008/09 recession.

Please think about the entities you support – arts organizations, social services, segments of the fabric of our community. They need your help now. If you make an annual gift, give it now. If you can increase your gift, now’s the time. It carries enormous weight.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and please do what you can to take care of this extraordinary Village in which we live. Our situation is transient. It will pass and we’ll be the stronger for it if we care for each other.

Thank you!

Nettie Oliverio


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thanks, Karl

Now, and in time to be whenever green is worn, are changed, changed endlessly; a Terrible Beauty is born…

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