An old friend visits Virginia Lake

Thumbs up  A popular lass in my childhood, who was graduated from Reno High a year after I (1960 for her) and whose name was Rosemary Haenel, now Rosemary Haenel Voyles, sent along a summer greeting that’s kind of cool and I asked her if I could put it on the web. Here it is, with a little narrative in her own voice!VoylesVLake

A Four-Year-Old Named Rosemarie at Virginia Lake in 1946 with Mother in the Dark Jacket and Mrs. August Brinkby in the Light Coat

“Hi Karl!  I dragged my photo out and thought you might like it. This view shows no buildings toward the future Peppermill, looking southeast.  My family spent a lot of time feeding the ducks healthy bread in those days at Virginia Lake. The Brinkbys lived two doors down the street on Hill Street toward Liberty St.  Frieda was from somewhere in Germany and August from Denmark.

Happy Summer!

Thanks, Rosie; a great shot…to orient the observer, the overflow glory hole to the Cochran Ditch is evident in the right margin of the photo, right where it is today! Thought of this after I posted the picture: Rosie and the lake were both four years old when the shot was taken………

4 thoughts on “An old friend visits Virginia Lake

  1. Hello Karl:

    I remember as a kid in Reno I took a ride in a Navy amphibious “duck” and took a ride around Virginia Lake, Yes in the water,

    Then I went there fishing a lot as well. The fish I caught were awful if I recall .

    The good old days in Reno,

    Dee Garrett

  2. I love these old photos. I did not know them, but the street Brinkby must have come from them? [Yes – KB] I messaged you a few years ago about trying to get info about the jet plane crash at South Virginia and Zolezzi Lane. No one seems to recall it but I know that it happened and killed some of our cows. Bob Carroll was the live reporter on the scene. It was 1961-62 I was in Kindergarten at Brown School. Keep up the good work Karl, many people appreciate your work. Thanks, Dora

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