Report from old northwest Reno


Siig2Anna Siig is a popular and gorgeous lass and was a young neighbor of mine in the late 1940s, when we lived up in the northwest. I was elated to receive in the mail from Anna a drawing of our old neighborhood that you might enjoy perusing. North is to the viewer’s right; the top of the drawing is the west end of Reno, Peavine Road (Row?) became Keystone, Grace Clough’s ranchhouse is south toward Reno Press Brick, (that’s “Cluff,” by the way, as in Cluff Road over off West Plumb.)

Note Rosasco’s chicken farm in the lower right, northeast corner of Anna’s map – that ranchhouse is still there today, now an optometrist’s office as you start up the Peavine/Keystone hill on the west side of the street. One of my playmates was the Rosasco’s granddaughter, whom some of you might remember later as vocalist Jan Savage. I lived just north of that ranch, possibly the most-northwest house in town; Hank Philcox was across Peavine. Anna and brother Hans lived where the Siig house is shown. Note the “Indian” cemetery further up what would later become University Terrace/W. Seventh Street. Enjoy!

Thanks, Anna…

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  1. Great job by Anna. Everything brings back childhood memories. Used to ride bicycle and go hiking through all of the area. My buddy Steve Cairnes lived just east of the Clough farm house and we used to shoot our BB guns in the area south of that farm near sand pits. Loved the abandoned house…it actually was built with square nails. What great adventures we had in this whole area…..70 years ago.

    • Good words, Hank. Figured you’d enjoy this; had you not commented, I’d have sent it along! Started to add a note about the Cairns brothers, passed on it. Long ago, far away. Happy holiday, old friend…

  2. Mr. Breckenridge — sorry off topic, here, but I don’t see any other way to contact you — you made a kind comment on the obituary of my uncle, John Wesley Wise, Jr. (aka Sarge). I’m sitting here (in Chico CA) with my Mom, Lorraine Curtis, nee Cazenave, RHS class of 1952. She thanks you, and also she says she owns and enjoyed your book, “You’re Doing What To The Mapes?” We are going through boxes of his letters and memorabilia now. With all best wishes,
    Liane Curtis

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