This column will no longer be maintained – thanks for a good ride!

cropped-kf_headshot.jpgCopy the stuff you want using the ‘search’ box at the bottom of the text, as the day is rapidly approaching when it won’t open again. I’ve grown weary of writing and researching for free (yet I pay WordPress for the site; that’s how dumb I am!) and of going up against those who would save a downtown that’s already long gone.

Sayonara – it was fun while it lasted! Karl

9 thoughts on “This column will no longer be maintained – thanks for a good ride!

  1. Sorry to hear about your column.. Judy and I both remember Eugene”s. I didn’t know the history. Somewhere I have a photo of my parent & wife taken by their photographer.

    Just saw Leon Stanley passed away. Mike Bertrand & I remember his from our skiing days. Nice guy.


  2. I love your column. We share it around our office (most of us born & raised here) . I hope you reconsider! For those true Renoites, your column is filled with historical nuggets that I can’t get enough of! –Thank you for all your hard work. – Holly Waltz

  3. But…I feel like you just broke up with us. I guess you did. I understand but I was enjoying the young Master B’s observations…I will miss him…and you.
    Sorry to read about Leon in Cal’s comment. Yes, he was a nice guy. Oh, and I have a photo of Ross and I in Eugene’s when we were dating. I’ll have to dig it up one of these days.

  4. Oh no! Boy are you gonna be missed. I’ve learned so much about our town from you one can fill your shoes Karl, no one. I really hope you change your mind. I’m sure there are a lot of old residents who’ve never left a comment or an email who feel the same way. Taking the liberty here to say thank you from everyone who for whatever reason never said thank you for all the columns and all your time you took to write them. Sad day for alot of us.Thank you so much for every word you ever wrote. Godspeed Karl

  5. Karl, tell me that this is a huge typo. Your story telling over all these years has been great and I will be really lost without the “webs from the past”. I hope something can be put back together and get you back in print.

    Dee Garrett.

  6. Sorry to see you go. Have enjoyed all you have shared. Really enjoyed you as a youngster in Reno. Many memories as I was born and raised here in Reno. Still here after 60 plus years. Thank you Karl.

  7. Karl: thanx for the memories!!! It brought me back to the good ole days and you will leave a legacy for our community. Sincerely, Mike Riley

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  8. The heck with those fellows that ticked you off. Memories of Reno Past is something we all enjoy and you are the one that can bring it to us.
    As for the older homes on W. 7th & 8th street, let us not forget the great movie with Clifton Webb, Allan Young, Merna Loy & Shirley Temple & the movie was ” Mr. Belvedere Goes to College”. Part of the movie was down on W. 7th or 8th I know; up at the U of N Campus. I am sure other movies shot there also & I am not sure but I think ” Apartment for Peggy” was also shot there as well at the U of N.. Great Reno history for sure.
    We who grew up in Reno and love the stories of years past depend on all the great ” yarns” you can spin so tell those ” new comers” that if they think then grass is greener on the other side of the hill, take a hike.

    Dee Garrett

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