Christmas dinner came early for 400 folks


The site was the Washoe County Senior Center; the host was the Sparks Sertoma Club, the wait-staff was about 60 wonderful kids from McQueen High School, and much of the food came from local markets and purveyors.

It was a bitterly cold afternoon, but just a few over 400 people braved the frigid weather, and came, alone, or as couples, or families, and boy, did they eat! Turkey and ham, with all the fixin’s, a huge table of desserts of all stripe, music and carols, a lotta laughing and socializing.

A great night indeed. Most left the warmth of the county building to less certain surroundings. A few knew no destination as they went into the bitter night.

But for two or three hours, Christmas came early to some nice people. Thanks, Sertoma. Thanks, McQueen High. Thanks, to all who donated food.

Reno and Sparks still have a heart…

4 thoughts on “Christmas dinner came early for 400 folks

  1. We don’t know how very lucky we are, to be able to turn up our thermostats at night, and be warm..

    Thanks for a GREAT story!!!

  2. I would have liked to have written more, but it published a vacant document to Facebook and I was anxious to get something on the site to cover the click from Facebook. I’m about to sign off Facebook; I’ve got enough trouble getting WordPress to work. Probably my fault.

    Yeah, a nice party – there are a lot of stories around this town. Stay warm.

  3. There go I but for the Grace of God. I agree with Misha – I sometimes forget how easy it is to be comfortable, warm and fed. Reno does have a heart and I am thankful to those that took their time to share.

    Another great story. Keep on writing! I enjoy knowing what is happening now and what happened then.

  4. As we prepare dinner tonight, watch the news and go to sleep in a warm bed, this story is a reminder how many people are suffering this evening, during sub zero temperature.
    Thank you for sharing and to the groups involved. Thank you for the reminder we can hopefully all take a minute and put a blanket, old jacket or extra gloves in our car and help someone in need.
    Looking forward to more writings.

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