Cranking this site up again (maybe)


I’m attempting to resurrect this site with a little more readership, and using the dreaded Facebook to accomplish that, inasmuch as it’s too much work for a small readership. I regret that when this is published it’s going to notify a few followers, as this is strictly an administrative post, attempting to see how the Facebook tie-in works. So…

Enjoy the photo of the bus attached; note it’s a modern bus, painted in the same color livery as the old Reno Bus Lines that many of us remember.

If I can get this working again, I’m comin’ back! Cheers, Karl

3 thoughts on “Cranking this site up again (maybe)

  1. Karl, as you know I love early history from Reno and who better to write it that you. Now if you ever want to pick my brain, feel free to send an e mail. Remember I came to Reno in 1945. I recall when Harry Truman came to town and have a photo to prove it as he was shaking hands with my dad. Congressman Walter Baring was also in the picture.

  2. It’s about time you hit the old Underwood, again!!!! A BIG WELCOME BACK!!!!! Keep the great stories coming!!!!!! You’ve REALLY been missed!!!!!

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