Opening day at Jessie Beck Elementary

Class photo

I’m going to be seriously razzed because if I don’t post today, I’ll miss a day, which is contrary to a bet I have with a friend (?), that I couldn’t post for 30 consecutive days. Ergo, this is going to be posted, as I have nothing else of any gravity and the day draws late.

This is opening day at Jessie Beck School, where our two sons matriculated 30+ years ago, where my brother was in the first “graduating” class in 1959, and my father was president of the Parent-Teachers Association, its first, as a matter of fact.. And my connection to Jessie Beck, well, I drove a school bus there before Cashill was paved. Jessie Beck is a Breckenridge family.

And I am not related to any of the little miscreants in this shot, except for possibly the one in the front flipping off the photographer.

And there you have it; a post. So no brews will be owed at Great Basin brewpub on Thursday. There.