A long day in Ol’ Sac for Ol’ Reno Guy

OldSac 012

Quick trip to the capital city of the Golden State to do a little business, eat a little seafood at Joe’s Crab Shack, (ok, a bit loud but if a joint ain’t loud anymore no one goes there!)
But – the high point of the day, a visit inside the double-decker Megabus while it was stopped in Ol’ Sac – the greatest thing since night baseball – rates as low as a buck, from Sparks’ Victorian Lane bus place to 4th and Townsend Streets – think AT&T Park vicinity – in San Francisco – from there take the 30-Stockton bus to almost anywhere in the City. Or from SF to Sparks. Twice a day. (I didn’t ride it to Sacramento; I just went aboard for a few minutes)
Go on their website and check it out; it’s on our bucket list for 2013 – AFTER the America’s Cup racers vacate the City…