Meet our staff: Photographer Lo Phat

LoPhat2Our Ol’ Reno Guy PHOTOGRAPHER Lo Phat is a photojournalist of the Far Eastern culture blessed with the unique facility of being able to peek through keyholes with both eyes at once, a capability that rocketed him to the pinnacle of Hong Kong private eyes. He was befriended by Ol’ Reno Guy’s Slim Dickens, then on assignment in nearby Macau, and disguised as Chinese hookers, were riding in a rickshaw and Dickens’ cheomsung’s hem became entangled in the spokes and was torn off, his identity then revealed. He, with Phat, fled to the Pearl River and were swept out to sea, to be rescued days later by a tramp steamer and deposited in the SF waterfront, where they took the 30-Stockton bus to the Marina and Izzy’s, met Karl Breckenridge, and were both hired on the spot.

Phat has been the eyes of the Ol’ Reno Guy ever since. While he prefers his 4-by-5 Speed Graphic the highly advanced technology of the Ol’ Reno Guy site dictates a digital camera to take the photos you see in the website. He also stea, er, adapts graphics appearing on the internet, scans graphics that come into our spacious headquarters from readers, and Photoshops pictures sent in by our burgeoning reader base. If you have a photo that should appear here, Phat’s the one to send it to; send it as a jpeg to , and be sure to let him know who “owns” the photo and any Phacts about it.