Remember the Circle RB?

Reno Browne

Out West Fourth Street before Stoker Drive was even cut through there was a great restaurant called the Circle RB. I’m working on a story about it in the midst of fighting a computer glitch, and facing a trip out of town Saturday/Sunday.

But in keeping with the thought-a-day commitment, here’s a lady you’ll remember, the blushing bride of Lash Larue, eponymous with the Circle RB Restaurant (now Micasa Two). Which invites the question, where was Micasa (one)?

Much more to follow on this score; the restaurant and the motel to the west, and John Robb Clarke, the attorney and father of RB. There she is on the graphic above.

And Micasa was on the southeast corner of Mill and Terminal, if you’ve read this far. Back in the day when one could park diagonally on Mill or Telegraph. More will follow about all this in days to come…