Don’t touch your dial; the difficulties are with the columnist: The birth of TV in northern Nevada




The Team You Knew and Trusted

Ahh, it’s five o’clock on any weekday, time to squeeze the remote and bring the tube to life, Pat and Sarah in living color, weird creepers running under their elaborate newsdesk, a picture-in-picture image of a news-making scene above their heads, a white contrail trailing under weatherman Dick Stoddard’s pinkie as he explains what some phenomena somewhere is doing for the first of four times he’ll explain it in the next hour, and replays of sports from around the nation, all in stereo sound, slo-mo, and right here in your media room.

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The first day of Spring, sort of…


Some people new to this town are running this sprinkler system Friday morning; the scene reminds of Zhivago’s castle at Yuriatin, a beautiful ice-covered palace in the Urals. This however is within a patio home project near Swope School, which probably will need a couple of new trees – high noon and they’re still frozen