Yikes, it’s a Navy PBY Catalina in my den…

PBY 4PBYinHenry

An amphibian, it was designed in 1933, sunk more enemy warships in the Pacific during WWII than any other Navy airplane; it remains one of the most stylish warplanes ever built. Yes, there was one parked at the Nervino airport on the way to Portola for many years, there’s still a club restoring and flying them (they remain quite seaworthy), and my buddy Don Stockwell built me one of my own from a kit, with a 52″ wingspan, and it turned on to final approach, gear up, long final, into my cave on Friday. He lettered ADM BRECKENRIDGE under the cockpit, as given my advancing age it could soon be flown to the homes of Andy, Ron, or Brent Breckenridge upon my impending demise and not arrive all cluttered up with my given name. Thanks, Don.