The Migratory Bird Refuge at Virginia Lake



A long time ago if you were walking around Virginia Lake, you would have encountered – at the southeast corner of the lake – a ramshackle-appearing, which is just what it was meant to be, aggregation of cribbing akin to railroad ties forming walls about four feet high, and supporting a roof affair that was kind of open latticework but with some substance and strength. It was pretty rough looking and difficult, if not impossible, to see into through the cribbing. Within it was what always appeared to us sixth graders to be commonplace ol’ hay, piled about a foot high off the earthen floor. Shelves – might have been wooden park benches – were placed around the floor to create higher and lower areas and smallish cubicles with foot-high ceilings, and, partitions of what appeared to be cedar slats like a fence, creating walls of varying height within the room created by the walls and the lattice ceiling. A chain-link fence surrounded the whole thing, save for the east, (lake), side, about 20 feet outside its perimeter (the “fence” in the photos is Photoshopped in) Continue reading