An Air Force barracks in Sproul?

Eastbound in the longest school zone in Reno, I think (Kings Row?), it dawned on me that I was proximate to an anomaly in the early 1960s Sproul subdivision, that being the only non-Sproul-built home in the area. So I turned on Apollo and took a picture.

On Apollo and Attridge it sits, a noticeable departure from Sproul’s designs. It came over from Stead, many years before Sproul was developed, and placed adjacent to the runway that used to sit up by those schools after WWII (I wrote about it once; if I can find the text I’ll publish it here under Hillview Airport, for that was its name.)

This little home on the northwest corner was associated with the airport, I think; but I could never find out for sure. (The airport is now the best kept secret in Reno, why I don’t know. When I wrote of it folks were willing to put a net over me and haul me away.) Anyway, here’s the war-era barracks, rebuilt into a nice and well-kept little home.