A 1952 view of west Reno


OK, here’s one for your weekend; you’re looking northwest at Peavine Peak. The new Reno High School is just about center in the photo – Booth Street running lower left to upper right in front of the school (to the left, or east of the campus.) There is no Foster Drive yet, although you can see Foster Field to the west – right – of Reno High’s building (note no shop building yet either.) Above – north – of the school you can see Idlewild Park – to the south of the school that’s Idlewild Drive leading off Booth Street. And you can see the Booth Street/California Avenue/Keystone Avenue intersection, albeit in its original configuration.

To the left – the east of that three-way intersection is are two vacant chunks of land; the upper one in the future site of the Federal Building, below that is actually above Keystone Avenue, the bluff on Marsh Avenue (the house that would become the Catholic Parish’s house is to the right in that photo; the home presently at 885 Marsh Avenue at the left portion of that open field would be built that year.)

I regret that I can not offer attribution to the photographer – if a viewer can help with that, I’m all ears….