The Good Old Days Club, Feb. 15

GuyCliftonLeoG.O.D. club

Guy Clifton, Reno’s best news writer and reporter and analyst of the local scene, a guy that we’re lucky to have writing here in Reno ‘cuz he has the skills to go anywhere there’s a newspaper that needs a top-notch writer, showed up at the Good Old Days Club at the Tamarack Casino on Friday – great shots taken from the Gazoo’s photo archives, and a lot of fun – here’s his archival shot of Msgr. Leo McFadden, who a decade ago I’d have written in the paper, father leo mcfadden, lower-case leo, they called him at RGJ and the Air Guard and probably the Vatican too…all the wags said, he passed away one day and the Pope retired on the next, which is an insight into our Nevada priest…thanks,Guy, for a great hour of memories…</p>