New Gig: Restaurant reviews


Still not posting anything publicly, we’re now into the restaurant reviewing business.

Had a great fish ‘n chips at the Brasserie St. James – which site I’ve written of before as the old Crystal Springs Water Company in the 900 block of South Center Street. Now it’s a brasserie and a brew pub. Good lunch with a couple of guys, price right, food good, go back anytime.

In fact, took Linda back the following day (a Friday). Joint was packed. Having no reservation, we left, but not until Linda asked for a card with a phone number so we could call ahead next time. Now it gets good:

The hostess, a rather tall, attractive lady, said, “The phone number’s on our website.” This response, as opposed to, “Here’s a card.”

The restaurant’s website , as of today, is “coming soon; see our ad on Facebook.” I’m not on Facebook. I would predict that the Brasserie St. James will be open for a good long time, particularly if they get somebody at the point of a diner’s first visit with a bit more spunk.